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Sosyete du Marche: An American Vodou house

We are the new face of Vodou today, and yet we reflect the old values of Vodou - family, community, commitment to the work of being servitors of spirit. We are European, Haitian, Latino and Native American. We did not choose this path - the Lwa chose us. We are people from all walks of life, looking for answers about life. And within the teaching of Vodou we have found them. We are Sosyete du Marche, Inc, an American Vodou house. Welcome to our cyber lakou. Our work as priests is all about Spirit. Ayibobo.

Haitian AID organizations - Helping the Earthquake Victims in Haiti

Our top picks are of course friends of the Sosyete who work tirelessly in Haiti:

Hearts with Haiti is the group our beloved Jaxx supports. This is the St. Jopseph’s House for Street kids. We sell their annual calendars for them as a fund raiser.

Foundry Haiti Fund is the group that works with the Grande Rue sculptors. Leah Gordon is heading back down to the area and will get this money directly to the families in Grande Rue.

Pazapa is a charity we’ve done work with in Jacmel. They work with handicapped kids, provide meals, schooling and lessons. Please send them support.

Kanzo: July 2010

kanzo Are you ready to commit to the work of being a servitor?  Become a part of an extended family from various places and paths. Find yourself, here in the world of Vodou. Come be a part of something bigger than yourself. We will be holding our very first Kanzo this summer in July 2010. A week long service, it will elevate you to the level of Hounsi or Su Pwen Kanzo. Please go here for details.



Vision Quest Weekend: September 2010

vq We will be offering Vision Quest again next year in September 2010.  Mark your calendars if you wish to come and visit the Inner world of the Plants we love and care for throughout the summer. Come and journey with the Psychonauts as they venture forth into the world of enthenogens, a true adventure of the green world.
Go here for details about Vision Quest in general.


Drum Lessons with Master Tambor James Armstrong

James in colorJames Armstrong is a specialist in Afro Caribbean and West African folkloric music. He has done extensive field research, performance and recording, as well as teaching of this music throughout North America and abroad.  Currently a professor of percusion arts at Elizabethtown College in Lancaster, James still takes time to play at Bambouches, fets and services up and down the East Coast.  We are very blessed to have him as our Master Tamboye for Sosyete du Marche, Inc. Come spend an hour with this amazing percissionist and see why the Spirits come to his call! Go here...